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Ibulao River in Kiangan, Ifugao

From the legendary and majestic rice terraces, Ifugao province has something to offer a countless tourists destinations. One of these is the white river rafting at the mystic Ibulao River. It has been a long time vision of local adventurers and the Department of Tourism in Kiangan, Ifugao that whitewater rafting is to be included in tour packages for the mass of local and foreign tourists who come to see the world-famous Ifugao Rice Terraces heritage site.

Ibulao river is one of the places on interest in Kiangan,Ifugao. According to a popular folklore, the river is the origin of the Ifugaos. It was the prolific valley of Kay-yang (the origin of Kiangan) along the river where the god Wigan sent his children Kabbigat and Bugan to populate the earth. The Ibulao River also serves as boundary of Kiangan and Lagawe. It is also one of the main suppliers of water to the Magat Dam.

Based on research, Kiangan is one of the oldest towns in Ifugao Province. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Hingyon and Hungduan, on the east by Lagawe, on the south by Lamut and on the west by Tinoc and Asipulo. The town is nearby by land transportation via the National Road. Kiangan is also known as the home to the Shrine of Yamashita which symbols the spot where Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita also known as the Tiger of Malaya, surrendered to the combined Filipino-American Forces towards the end of World War II.

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